As so often in life, someone´s profession is lying dormant in a person, without realizing or living it. Werner Casagranda was lucky to turn his passion into his profession in 2012, when he began importing and distributing cigars, initially under the name Isthmus Cigars, which later developed into Casagranda Cigars GmbH. He is a passionate cigar smoker and importer, but first and foremost an epicurean, who, for many years has been engaged in all aspects of the subject of cigars. Full of enthusiasm he travels through the countries of Central America to discover new cigar blends.

Casagranda Cigars is cooperating with major producers as well as manufactures and maintains a small but exquisite assortment of cigars, which he keeps extending. The hand-selected boutique cigars originate from manufactures in Nicaragua and Costa Rica, adhering to the highest standards in terms of quality, so one can experience the art of cigars at its highest level.